Hooray! The Official Ohio to Erie Trail Printed Maps are now available! And don’t forget to order the perfect companion to the printed maps, The IGotABike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide VERSION 2 It is a downloadable interactive document that you can take with you on the trail on your digital device. Click the link to watch a video that demonstrates the interactive features and content.

Now back to your regularly scheduled content…

Welcome to IGotABike.com. We are Guy and Carolyn, the husband and wife team behind this web site. It was originally intended to document our 2012 bicycle tour of the Ohio to Erie Trail, but has since morphed into something more.
Using Carolyn’s award winning graphic design talents and Guy’s web site building knowledge, it slowly transformed from just a blog into a full scale, content rich web site filled with some of the best information on the Ohio to Erie Trail out there. Carolyn started turning out maps of difficult sections of the Ohio to Erie Trail and posting them to the site. They have been wildly popular. In addition to the maps, there are great explanations of the route as well, including detailed descriptions of the communities the trail passes through. These descriptions include annotated photos and details about where to eat, stay, get ice cream or beer and all of the other things that are important to through cyclists that simply cannot be found on a map. That was the birth of the IGotABike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide.
Recently, Carolyn has been tapped by the Ohio to Erie Trail Organization and the Ohio Department of Transportation to  design the first official printed map of the entire Ohio to Erie Trail. The IGotABike.com Trail Guide will be the perfect companion to this long awaited map.
Version 1 of the Trail Guide was released in May 2013 and Version 2 was released in August 2013 and is now for sale. The new version contains updated and expanded information that we gathered while riding the Ohio to Erie Trail from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back in May and June of 2013. See the Trail Guide for more details on the updates.

For information on advertising in the trail guide or on the website, please email carolandguy@igotabike.com

The Ohio to Erie Trail is an off road bicycle route connecting Lake Erie and the Ohio River. The trail was founded by Ed Honton in 1991 and crosses the state of Ohio from Cincinnati to Cleveland following lands formerly owned by railroads and canals that have been converted to bicycle trails. The Ohio to Erie Trail is a route that utilizes existing bicycle trails and the organization is working to close the gaps to achieve the dream of a cross state off road route for non-motorized transportation. The trail is nearly complete with 85% on trail and 15% on road and new sections of trail are scheduled to be paved this summer. Click here for more.

Navigating this Site. Find out where to stay, eat, find beer, etc along the Ohio To Erie Trail and other trails in the Lodging tab. There are also gear reviews, a list of the gear we carry, safety tips and some words on trail etiquette. If you are new to bicycle touring, there’s some great information here; Getting Started in Bicycle Touring. Also included are some  original maps for sections of the Ohio to Erie trail that are difficult, on roadways or otherwise not clearly marked.

Relive our 2013 Ohio to Erie Trail tour by clicking HERE. 1000 miles total.
Relive our 2012 Ohio to Erie Trail tour by clicking HERE. 800 miles total.
Use the arrow keys to read our entries in order.

Don’t forget to check out all of the cool newspaper stories about us! Use the contact page to email us with any questions, comments or trail observations you might have.
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  1. steve says:

    Glad I found out about the trip before you went. Good luck, and ride safe.

    I will check site out for updates.

  2. ostara says:

    Happy trails my friends,ride safe and know you are blessed!! We’ve got your back at home so no worries there.I will miss you, but be on your trail through here!! Peace&Love…Lynne.

  3. Janet says:

    I read the blog – thinking of you knowing yesterday was hectic getting out of town but now all is good. Enjoy the ride.

  4. Jag says:

    What a great accomplishment already…look forward to hearing more about the trip. Judy H

  5. franny says:

    You two really know how to live!
    May the wind always be at your back….

  6. stingrays says:

    Sayonara …. Don’t take any wooden nickles …. Hey, I hope you guys are having fun … How wonderful to see Ohio like this … mile by mile. Say hello for the Amish for me …

  7. Janet says:

    I like the photos. I have been reading your blog as you add to it. XO

  8. Dave says:

    Hi Guy,

    Just read your blog and it is great!
    Reena read some too and loves it but she’s spending some time with her mom right now. She loves blogs and can’t wait to read yours.
    It’s supposed to be hot the next few days so take plenty of breaks and drinks lots of water and gator aid!

  9. stingrays says:

    Hey, great Jerseys …. the photos are great … they really tell a sort …. seeing OHIO in the best possible way … keep having fun … bill

  10. Brigit says:

    Hello again, we rode briefly together on the Sippo Valley trail on Monday with my little granddaughter in tow. I hope your trip is going well and your staying hydrated and healthy. Enjoying reading your blog!! Safe travels !

  11. ttt says:

    Thanks for the plug. Enjoyed your stop here at Tranters. Looking forward to following the rest of the ride. Be safe.

  12. Jag says:

    Graduation day Sunday may 27 for Erika 2:00 pm and Henry. 
    I hope all is well…thinking about you. Judy H

  13. stingrays says:

    Take it slow said the turtle to rabbit

  14. Carolyn says:

    here is a test

  15. ostara says:

    Nice job on the demo video….you both were fantastic in it! Very well done! I still say, “Get the guide and you’ll get the guide” :)

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