I Got A Bike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide V2.0

The IGotABike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide Version 2.0
69 pages
A PDF reader is required.
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This trail guide is the result of a true labor of love. Countless hours of research, writing and
mapping have gone into its making. In addition to all of the desk work, we rode the trail
multiple times, in part and in whole, accumulating thousands of miles, all the while taking
copious notes and photos. We loved every mile of it and we hope it shows.

We designed this guide to be simple, lightweight, mobile and quick to navigate. We used the PDF file format because it is so versatile and ubiquitous and easy to update. A PDF reader is required.

This trail guide and associated maps and charts are the result of our own work and
riding. Your mileage may vary (quite literally!). We have made every effort to keep things as up-to-date as possible, but things can and do change rapidly along the trail. The information in Version 2 was confirmed and collected while riding the Ohio to Erie Trail from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back in May and June of 2013. Highlights of Version 2 include: 18 new pages, expanded details and turn by turn directions for multiple destinations in Cleveland, current information and a map detailing the newly paved sections of The Heart of Ohio Trail, more trail town detail maps, three pages of route descriptions and a  map for navigating to downtown Cincinnati, new photography, refined descriptions and more.

The first page of the guide is the Home Page Ohio Overview Map. On it you will see an overall map of the trail through the state of Ohio. On the left is a handy mileage chart that gives the rough mileage between major towns and cities along the trail. It reads north to south starting at the top and south to north, starting at the bottom. It also shows the cumulative mileage between Lake Erie and the Ohio River. On the right hand side of the page there is a trail mileage chart that gives the rough lengths of each section of trail and road route and is read in the same manner as the other mileage chart.

The map of Ohio in the middle shows the route as it winds through the state, going
through various towns and cities. You can click on the NAME of each town or city and
that will bring you to a city highlight page. This is where you can find a more detailed
map of how the trail is routed through the many towns along the way. Parts that are off-road are in green. Sections of trail that travel on the road are in black. Most of the highlight pages have detail map buttons that are clickable, bringing you to yet another level of detail designed to get you through the more intricate passages of the trail.

These small maps are also clickable, bringing you to a larger view. At any time, you can click on the HOME button in the lower right of any page to bring you back to the overview map of the state of Ohio or the back button to bring you to your previously viewed page.

At the left of each town highlight page you will find a convenient list of local amenities. These can include lodging and dining, bicycle shops, must-see attractions, camping and more. When you click on these lists, you will be taken to an index of these places that include addresses, phone numbers, and websites. The places listed in red are places that we have been to and that we liked and recommend.

There are a couple spots on the trail that just opened late in 2013. We have not yet added these to the trail guide. (we need to ride it first and it won’t stop snowing!) Here is a link to a blog post where I describe the new sections…

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