Tips For Reading the Mileage Marks on The Ohio To Erie Trail Printed Maps

The mileage marks on the Ohio To Erie Trail Printed Maps can help you to calculate the distance between trail towns and other locations on the route. Mileage marks are indicated by red arrows. The distance, in miles, between two arrows is indicated by a red numeral. The placement of the mileage arrows and the mileage distances are approximate. The mileage is rounded. The purpose here is to give you an approximate idea of distances and an indication of how far it is to the next turn or interchange. Just like any bicycle computer, it is not a perfect calculation. Your mileage will vary.

Mileage is indicated by red arrow and red numerals
Mileage is indicated by red arrows and red numerals.

The mileage in each panel is determined by common sense based navigation needs rather than being equally divided. One panel may represent only two miles while the next panel may be twenty miles. For example there is a panel for downtown Akron that illustrates just 1 and 1/4 miles while the adjacent panel illustrates 8 miles. Always refer to the red numerals for distance.

red numerals indicate mileage






Distance, in miles, is indicated by red numerals.

For more detailed mileage information consider purchasing The IGotABike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide. Designed to be used with smartphones and tablets, the guide gives cumulative mileage data between trail towns and reads both north to south and south to north. There is a second mileage chart that gives the cumulative mileage for the various trails that make up the Ohio To Erie Trail. This chart also reads in both directions.

I prefer a map, a compass, common sense, and the kindly advise from locals but for those of you addicted to GPS I have been told you will discover variances in mileage and locations. The modern technology of satellites is too accurate for  the nearly 200 hundred-year-old Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath and other rural roads and trails. However, if you are a Garmin junkie you can document your ride and upload the data to Google Earth to re-live your adventure.

So, now you have the maps for easy on-bike reference, and the trail guide to help you plan where to eat, sleep and more. All you need is a bike, the time, and the desire. Ride the Ohio to Erie Trail and live the dream!

Free maps of the Ohio To Erie Trail at igotabike.comThe maps are available from the Ohio to Erie Trail Fund.

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