‪Attaboy‬s (and girl) for The IGotABike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide

Thanks to all who sent in these unsolicited remarks and testimonials full of praise and accolades for The IGotABike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide. We really appreciate the support and encouragement!

Andy: I can say you have done a fantastic job!
Jason: Thanks for doing the research!
Bob: We recently rode the trail south to north and really enjoyed the trip. Your guide was very helpful both in preparing for the trip and during the ride.
John: Thank you for all your hard work putting this together.
David: Great guide! Really well done!
Mary: The trail guide worked great for my Ohio to Erie ride!
Jim: Thanks for the great service and the great tool.
Jody: Thanks for your guidance
Susie: You two are amazing! We are getting excited about our trip!
Walt: Thanks for all the work you’ve put into the guide!
Tom: Get the guide!
Doug: your guide gave me the confidence to make the Ohio-Erie Trail my first bicycle tour. I traveled solo from Lake Erie to the Ohio River from July 26 to August 1 and had a blast! I appreciate your efforts to promote this trail to all Ohioans.
John: Thanks for the update. Did the ride from north to south August 5 to 10th.
Wayne: Thanks! It’s surprising how quickly people are learning about your trail guide. Thanks also for the many neat remarks and helpful information on your blog.
Teresa: Thanks for the guide. It is awesome.

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