David Enjoyed Riding in Ohio Despite Record Breaking Heat

David drove from Indianapolis to Massillon earlier this week ride his bike on a section of the Ohio To Erie Trail. He sent us an e-mail Tuesday night to say he made it to Independence. That is roughly 60 miles on the crushed limestone Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath through Stark, Summit and Cuyahoga counties. It was 96 degrees AND humid on September 10 AND the wind was gusting 25 mph. He said he enjoyed the ride and was grateful the wind was mostly at his back.
The next day David pedaled back to his car in more record heat.
He reports that, “It was much nicer returning with an early start and little to no wind. I was able to spend more time reading the signs and enjoying the scenery. The guide (IGotABike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide) was great and will be especially helpful if I ever do the whole trip from Cincinnati.”
David sent us this photo. I recognize the spot. He is just north of Ernie’s Bicycle Shop and Massillon. He doesn’t even look sweaty!

David lives in Indianapolis and came to Ohio to ride a section of the Ohio To Erie Trail.


Sept 10, 2013: New record high in Cleveland of 96º. Breaks old record of 93º from 1964.
Sept 11, 2013: New record high temp in Cleveland 93º. Breaks old record of 92º from 1952.
Sept 12, 2013: high temp 75º

Guy and I are VERY sympathetic. We always seem to experience freaky weather when we ride. But, like David, we don’t care. It is nearly impossible to have a bad day on a bike!


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  1. 2manyhills says:

    When you ride a bike everywhere it’s like being a tourist on an endless vacation. Interesting food along the way. Did you ever eat fish heads and rice?

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