Congratulations to Jim and His Intrepid Band of Cyclists!

This week our friend Jim led a group of seven cyclists from Cincinnati to the balmy shores of Lake Erie on the Ohio to Erie Trail. They left the Avoca Trailhead in Cincinnati on Monday and arrived in Cleveland on Friday. They had a support vehicle carrying their gear so they did a great job pounding out the miles. They spent their nights in Cederville, Sunbury, Millersburg, and Akron. Guy and I headed south on the trail around 11 this morning and met up with them near Bacci Park. We escorted the band of bicyclists through the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation to the Harvard Road trailhead, then through Tremont, Ohio City, Gordon Square and finally Edgewater Park to tire dip. It was a perfect day for a ride and we have eight new friends!

A perfect day riding in the Ohio and Erie Canal Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks.

Jim and His Intrepid Band of Cyclists plus Carol at the Harvard Road Trailhead.

We first met Jim last year when he was scouting the route for this group. He found our website while we were blogging our Ohio To Erie tour last year and signed up as a subscriber. He started posting questions and comments and always sends words of encouragement.
Last fall Jim rode the 300+ mile trail solo, carrying his own gear and we escorted him from Edgewater to the trail. Back then he had printed the IGotABike maps and had them spiral bound. This year he had the IGotABike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide on his smart phone! Yay!
Congratulations to all!

Last year Jim made a spiral book of my maps. he IGotABike Ohio to Erie Trail Guide on his smart phone!

Here the group is on the Abbey Bridge which is closed to motor vehicles but open to bicycles via a detour.

Jim was pretty happy when we gave him an IGotABike T-Shirt. We think he earned it!

A beautiful day to tire dip.

Carolyn posing with Jim (2nd from left) and the rest of the Dippers at Edgewater Beach on Lake Erie.

Seaweed. One of the hazards of Tire Dipping!

Their support vehicle could hold the eight cyclists and their driver and all the luggage. All the bikes were in the trailer.

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