Bob, Molly and Joe Touring with The IGotABike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide

Guy and I recently received an e-mail from one of our trail guide customers. Bob wrote to us to tell us that he had purchased our trail guide and then rode the full length of the Ohio to Erie Trail. We were thrilled to hear from him. We love getting feedback on the trail guide and hearing stories of adventure from the trail. They told us that they really liked the coffee house in Killbuck so we added it to version 2 of the trail guide. They stayed at a really neat B&B about 12 miles north of Fredericksburg. It is a log home home built in 1820’s. We will definitely check it out to see if it is a practical destination to recommend while touring on the Ohio To Erie Trail. If you are planning a tour or have already ridden the Ohio To Erie Trail please shoot us e-mail.
He is some of what Bob wrote:
“We recently rode the trail south to north and really enjoyed the trip. Your guide was very helpful both in preparing for the trip and during the ride. There were three of us, myself, my wife Molly and our friend Joe. We stayed in B&Bs, so we only carried minimal change of cloths, light jackets and bike supplies. We did it in four days, averaging about 85 miles a day.”

Bob, Joe, and Molly Tire Dipping in the Ohio River, July 2013

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