IGotaBike Ohio To Erie Trail Guide, Version 2 is Now Available

Version 1 of the Trail Guide was released in May 2013 and has been wildly successful. A giant thank you to all who purchased the guide and encouraged us to “keep riding and writing!”

The new version contains updated and expanded information that we gathered while riding the Ohio to Erie Trail from Cleveland to Cincinnati and back in May and June of 2013. We are delighted to release Version 2 in August 2013. It is now for sale on the Store Tab of this website.

Anyone who purchased Version 1 will be getting Version 2 for no charge. If you  purchased Version 1 you should have received an e-mail with a link to the free download. Please  email carolandguy@igotabike.com if you purchased Version 1 and did not receive the free download.

The download software that we initially chose was full of glitches so we have replaced it with the new Store tab. If you tried and failed to purchase it previously, sorry, darn that glitch! Please try again.

Highlights of Version 2 include: 18 new pages for a total of 69 pages; expanded details and turn by turn directions for multiple destinations in Cleveland; current information and a map detailing the newly paved sections of The Heart of Ohio Trail; more trail town detail maps, including Massillon, Centerburg, Sunbury, Dalton South Charleston and more; three pages of route descriptions and a detail map for navigating to downtown Cincinnati; new photography from the 2013 tour including tire dipping in the Ohio River and Lake Erie; refined route descriptions; full page annotated photography, an expanded index and more.
Be sure to watch the 2.5 minute video that demonstrates the interactive features.
Thanks again to all who have helped us, inspired us and encouraged us to keep pedaling!
Stay tuned we have new projects in the works…

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