The Wabash Cannonball Trail

This past week, Carolyn and I rode the Wabash Cannonball Trail. It’s in northwest Ohio, near Toledo. They say its a 63 mile mile trail, that’s why we went there. We found out, though, that not all of it is paved. You can, however, make a very nice 25 mile loop ride using a very pleasant road route to connect two sections of trail, the North Route and the South Route. The trail is kind of shaped like an arrow pointing east. The road route we found connects the two on the west end.
The trail is very smooth and level, as it’s a rail trail. The road route is also smooth and nearly level. It’s almost like a super wide bike path!
After riding it, we found that it would be best to ride the southern section first, across the road route and then return on the northern leg. This way the ever so slight elevation changes go in your favor, as well as having the wind at your back towards the end of the ride.
This could be a cool trail for your first overnight trip, as there is a campground at the half way point.
We will be putting out a special short edition Trail Guide for this trail very soon! Watch for it…

Riding the very smooth and straight Wabash Cannonball Trail

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