Our friends Mary and Tim on the trail July 2013

Our friend Mary and her brother Tim are on the Ohio to Erie Trail this week! They are traveling North to South, leaving Cleveland this past Sunday 7/14/13. Carolyn and I had the pleasure of escorting them from Lake Erie to the trail head on Harvard Road. They are tire dipping and they are through bikers. This is Mary’s second through trip. Her first was a solo trip! Keep an eye out for them and say hello!!

Mary and Tim, Edgewater

Mary and Tim, tire-dipping on the shore of Lake Erie at Edgwater Park, Cleveland, heading south on the Ohio to Erie Trail.


Carol Mary and Tim

"Remember you guys, south is that-a-way!"


Tim, Carol and Mary

Tim, Carol and Mary- southbound on the Ohio to Erie Trail behind Steelyard Commons, Cleveland

Stay tuned-if we hear from our dynamic duo, we will post updates!

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