Day 24: We Will Be Home Today!

Wow! It stormed all night. Wild lightning, thunder, wind and it knocked the power out. A great night to be in a giant concrete building!
We are headed to Akron to catch the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. They encourage bicycling and they will take us and our bikes 40 miles for $3 each.
We will detrain at Rockside Road then we will pedal the last 15 miles home.
Trying to get out of here with some extra time in case the trail is damaged from the storms.
We both have mixed feelings–sad that this grand trip is over but sick of the road food and looking forward to seeing our family, friends, pets and garden.
I plan to sleep for a couple of days.

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2 Responses to Day 24: We Will Be Home Today!

  1. Lisa says:

    Safe travels on your last day – It was great to follow along and pretend to eat all the ice cream you guys did!

    What a great trip, THANKS for sharing.
    Hope to see you soon:)

  2. ostara says:

    Wow! I’m torn between seeing you ride up the drive and not crowding your space? I’ll feed the critters one last time and head home. Welcome and sweet dreams

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