Day 22: Back to Millersburg

Another great day! We left Mt. Vernon kinda taking our time cause we were planning on a rather easy 40 mile-ish day. Our first stop was at the post office to mail home five and a half pounds of crap we no longer need!

After that, we made a few business stops, dropping cards here and there. We stopped at our friends at YNot Cycling and talked with Dave and he was gracious enough to put some of our cards out. As we were leaving, we met Daniel. He told us he bought the IGotABike trail guide. We were thrilled to meet a living, breathing customer!

After we left Mt. Vernon, we made great time along the Kokosing GapTrail into Danville. We of course stopped at the Route 62 Drive-In and had a burger and a shake. In case you don’t know, it’s at the corner of 62 and Tough Street.

After Danville, it was road riding down Route 62.

We passed The Bridge of Dreams…

Then came upon the tunnel construction under Rt. 62…

They’ve made great progress in the weeks since we were there last…

And any day should start filling In the void.

After all of that, we hit County Road 6. It’s much easier and fun riding it South to North. Along the way we met two young men, Bill and Chris, heading south and talked with them for a bit. It was a pretty steamy day.

Carolyn got a flat tire as we were getting into Killbuck. It’s fortunate that it didn’t happen on the downhill run into town, as we easily passed 30mph several times. Whew!
So I stick a new tube into her rear tire and were roll down to the Killbuck Sweet Shoppe for some seriously chocolate chunk ice cream. We sat at the picnic table with some of the local folks and, um, well… We hit it off. Nice folks there!
After ice cream, we hit the Holmes County Trail. A few miles down the trail, Carolyn says she has another rear flat! We are within two miles of our hotel, so of course this drives me off the deep end. We add air a couple of times and ride as far as the air lasted and got another mile. We walked the rest of the way. I was fuming as I was certain that the second flat was because I overlooked something. In the end, it was true, as I found out flat one was bad fortune and flat two was a pinched tube on my hasty install. It’s much easier to repair a flat in the shade with a drink in your hand!

Our bikes our now resting in the courtyard. We are trying to get to sleep early so we can ride to Massillon early to beat the weather.
Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to Day 22: Back to Millersburg

  1. matt0701 says:

    Be safe out there tomorrow! Sounds like the weather may get really rough! Can’t imagine how frustrating the double flats were. I’ve been really lucky so far (knock on wood) to not have a flat on the road.

    • Guy says:

      Oh man, I hate flats. Sometimes they are so mysterious. I want to see a big nail or something hanging out of the tire, but theres just a tiny pin hole for no apparent reason. Argh!

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