Day 19: Rumors of a Newly Paved Bike Trail

Yesterday we met a man who told us they just paved a section of trail that will take us to Piqua. We can see the trail from the back of the campground we are in. nice!
We just made a reservation at the only hotel, in Urbana. We have stayed there before and there is a Krogers and a Frischs across the street! Everyone shout Big Boys!
The hotel is on top of a pretty big hill and they did not have a ground floor room. We are upstairs, no elevator! We have rope!
It’s good that it is not too far because we are moving slow and enjoying lots of coffee. It’s 10:30 and we are only now starting to pack up.
Our friends Marcia and Dave are getting married today. We wish them happiness, joy and tailwinds!

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