Day 16: Perfection

Perfection is fleeting, and it usually evaporates the moment it is perceived. That was not today.
Today we rode in the most idyllic of settings; open rolling farm roads and hi ways with light traffic and a slight tail wind. It went on for miles and was sublime. It was also occasionally interspersed with the incongruous, like airplanes crossing the road right in front of us.

We were just wheeling along, minding our own rhubarb, when all of a sudden this banana yellow airplanes taxis down his driveway, looks both ways, then cuts across the road in front of us to a teeny tiny little asphalt runway. He putt putts down to one end, spins around, guns it and is in the air in substantially less than 100 yards.
We peddled on.
We stopped in Lewisburg for Elevensies… Left over chicken wings from Sarahs (thanks Nathian!)

We also came across a cool back roads one lane covered bridge.

Don’t forget the Golden Rule of bicycle travel; don’t ever pass a liquor store, because it may be the last one of the day.

So here we are at the KOA Richmond Indiana,

A great little campground that, from the look of the wallpaper in the bathroom, time has passed by :-)


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4 Responses to Day 16: Perfection

  1. bkdoc says:

    The airplane crossing the road is absolutely hilarious.

  2. steve says:

    what a nice looking campsite. large Kabin !

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