Day 13: Back at Morgans

The river is high and muddy. The sky is dark and cloudy. We couldn’t be happier! We had a great day today, snapping off 54 miles like it was nothing (thanks to the giant steak dinner from sister Janet last night). We rode all the way from Monfort Heights Cincinnati to Morgans campground with a great pizza/beer/nap break in the middle. We met a lot of cool people too, including one young couple that we hopefully convinced to take the plunge and ride the whole trail!
Anyway, as I alluded to in the second sentence of this post, it looks like it wants to rain. There are some big, dark, scary clouds, so we got the same cabin that we had last week. Our little tent isn’t really suited for anything more than a shower. When we get back, I’d like to sell our 4 season Moss tent and get something more appropriate for our style of camping now days. Big Agnes has my attention recently. As Carol mentioned in another post, we bought two of their sleeping pads, and so far after three nights, they are a big thumbs up. I will do a formal review after we use them a little more.

Carolyn, figuring out tomorrow’s route.

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