Southbound Photos From Days 7-10

20130601-085617.jpg This is our little 10×10 cabin at Frontier Campground near Silver Springs. We love this place.

20130601-085823.jpg And here is our neat cabin at Morgans, overlooking the Little Miami river.

20130601-090004.jpg Carolyn and one of our favorite “followers,” Mary. She flagged us down as we passed each other at 20mph on the trail; “Hey! I know you guys!”

20130601-090314.jpg We had a great lunch at the Trailside Cafe in Loveland.

20130601-090519.jpg Tire dipping the Ohio.

20130601-090605.jpg Victory!

20130601-090651.jpg We stayed in the Millenium our first night in Cincy.

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2 Responses to Southbound Photos From Days 7-10

  1. FHLudlow says:

    I have great memories of that area around Loveland. Cycling, roller blading, canoeing with the dog…


  2. ostara says:

    Love the pics! Carolyn, your eyes are just sparkling as you sip that victory beer! Those cabins look wonderful, but man oh man does that hotel lobby look swanky! Love Guy’s perspective on the river!

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