Day 11 and Day 12: Thunder, lightning, ham sandwiches!

We love it when it storms during a rest day! Friday we rested a lot and Mom made us ham sandwiches. (Cincinnati is known as Porkopolis) It rained and rained! Decided to stay at my Mom’s another day to wait out the weather. It is about to storm again! And they say it will storm most of the day which will bring cooler weather.
We plan to pedal north tomorrow morning as soon as the rain stops.
Yesterday we went to the new REI store (Recreation Equipment inc) and got a couple of Big Agnes sleeping pads to replace our 20-year-old Thermarest. They are great! I will let Guy give the full report. My sister Janet went with us and we had a lot of laughs as we bopped around doing errands.
We picked up Mom and headed over to the famous Price Hill Chili Parlor for the requisite 4 way and cheese coneys. It was a great day!
We still have some chores to do before we leave. We need to fix my headlight and my front pannier. The Chinese food styrofoam “fender” is working well so I will make do with that for now. We have a big pile of stuff to mail home, the old sleeping pads and the cold weather clothes we bought in Millersburg.


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  1. bkdoc says:

    You do mean Skyline, don’t you? That was a favorite haunt of mine during college days, although the original Skyline location is no more.

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