Day 10: We are at Mom’s!

The route from downtown to my Mom’s was pretty good, except for a couple of tricky construction zones. News flash– it was hot and windy! Of course my Mom lives at highest point, and of course it is to the west of town. Putz’s Dairy Whip was along the way. This is a famous place, established in 1938. Used to go there for ice cream after a winning game of softball when I was a kid. Still the same as I remember it.

So now all that headwind is transformed into a nice breeze pouring in the windows from across the pond, perfect for a nap.

Mom made us lunch and had ice cold beer for us. She has never had a beer in her life so she selects beer by the color of the package! Bud light is a nice thalo blue, if you are an artist! Great to be here to rest, re-gear, fix some stuff that broke, do laundry, mail some stuff home, and relax!

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  1. ostara says:

    Sounds nice. Your Mom was sweet to have cold beer for you, but ask her to select it by the color of the beer and not the color of the package! She was on the right track though with a typical artist’s touch!

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