Day 9: Queen City today!

The sun has just popped over the ridge top. I am enjoying both coffee AND  oatmeal, x2yum!

We are well rested and excited to finish off the southbound route. They say hot and windy again today but this time we don’t care so much.

Around 50 miles to go and we will have our tires in the Ohio River!

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  1. bkdoc says:

    Welcome to my end of the state. When you come back through let me know when you are going to be in the Ft. Ancient (Morgan’s) area. I would love to put a few miles on with you if I can work it out. Keep the pedals cranking and the wheels vertical on the ground.

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks for writing and we love company on the trial. We have no itinerary so please just watch the website to know where we are. We do intend to head back north on the Little Miamia trail. ( unless someone out there with a truck bumps us to Frankilin, Great Miami Trail. Plus one day we do need to head back, via Xenia.

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