Day 8: Morgan’s Canoe and Campground

It was so late when we arrived at Frontier Campground last night and Walter was so kind and generous. We barely had enough energy to get clothes washed and enjoy the fabulous shower house. No time or energy to cook so we just knocked off our scraps of leftovers and more almonds and passed out. I woke up because I was hot, not good. It was just before nine and it was already steamy. We decided to move with purpose and skip coffee (ouch!) and oatmeal (x2 ouch). We geared up and had a delicious breakfast of tuna fish and you guessed it, almonds. We were pedaling by 10.

Once we were away from the giant wetland of the Spring Valley Nature reserve it was less humid but the wind was pounding us straight on. We both felt just as exhausted as the night before.

When we arrived at the Corwin Peddler they were closed. We learned that they are only open weekends and the business is for sale. Someone please buy it.

We did not feel like pedaling the 2 miles in to waynesville so we moved on. Eventually we got our second breakfast! More tuna, and V8! delicious.

So we arrive at Morgan ‘s. I can see the dream cabin from the trail. We stop and consider our options but pedal on to Morrow. We get ice cream first, it’s hot. Then we took our carry out chicken dinners to the local park pavilion. The picnic tables were concrete, which we love, because they are cold! Perfect for quick nap.

We pedaled the 3 miles back north to Morgan’s. Yay! We got the dream cabin. Guy is sleeping in the hammock and I am on the deck that overhangs the Little Miami River.

I cannot say enough about how great this place is or about the family that runs it.



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  1. says:

    Where are the hammock photos and sleeping on the concrete tables? What a variety of weather you have encountered this trip. This has been a true test for both of you.

    Good luck on the rest of the trip. Are you riding back home, too?

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