Day 8: Finally Over, Spring Valley

We are in our favorite little cabin in a small private campground in Spring Valley, about 65 miles north of Cincinnati. We pedaled almost 63 miles today an got here after dark at 9:30 pm with headlights (and tail lights) blazing. It was really a different perspective riding the trail through the woods after dark. Just as we were leaving Xenia tonight, on our last stage of 8 or 9 miles to the campground, we stopped to call the campground owner to let him know we were on our way and would be there within the hour. We figured we’d get ther right at Night fall. Carol hung up with Walter, the owner, and we saddled up to ride off into the sunset, but whoops! Carol has a flat front tire!


Luckily, my flat changing skills were up to par as I recently had some flats back at home. Still though, it was a half an hour to change it out. Not bad when you consider digging out the tools, pannier removal, getting the rim out from the rack, etc.

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and humid. We don’t like hot or humid, so that may impinge upon our progress. Cincinnati is within striking distance for us tomorrow, but we may need to hide from the mid day heat.

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  1. chasandjenny says:

    Hello—It is Jenny and Chas from the millwood campground. Glad to read that you are doing good. It was so nice to meet you. please continue with safe travels!

  2. ohiotoerietrail says:

    Carolyn and Guy mentioned Dave Baer, and I have a Dave story. He sold me my first bicycle in 1991 when he was working for the old Campus Bike. In 1992 he was a mechanic on GOBA, and my wife, Toby, and I honeymooned on GOBA with the new blended family. On day three of GOBA some friends brought some left over wedding cake for us to enjoy, and we gave a piece to Dave. He grabbed it with his bicycle grease fingers and began eating. As he took bites I could see grease on the icing where he had touched the cake and said, “Dave, you are eating grease.” He smiled and said, “The best part.”

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