Day 7: Columbus, South, Part 1

We are safe and sound just south of Columbus. Our Chinese food is here. I have many stories to tell and a lot of pics to post, including break downs and trains, but I need to eat first!

So I hope you all realize that was Guy posting Carol. He is snoring big time! I am waiting on laundry and sittng on the nice front porch of the hotel. There is a constant thunderous speedy hum of I70. It a stark contrast to our slow, silent progress.

Today we considered an early start but our bike shorts were still damp. Luckily the sun was on our side so we shuffled things and slept.

We goofed off at the Ohio Railway Museum. (detail, later)

We were delighted to spend some time with Toby, Jerry and Buddy and enjoy a fabulous lunch. Time flew by.

Just as we were enjoying the not detoured route through Ohio State University Guy’s bike began to squeal.

We back-tracked to Baer Wheel and Dave rescued us, again. Best bike shop, ever, and open, late, Sunday, holiday weekend! Thanks!

We hoped to stay at the Cordel Motel but the day ran out. We are at Country Inn, great, just north of our turn south on Galloway Road.

Thanks to all. Good night zzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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