Day 6: Polaris, Columbus

Finally, a decent weather day! Was still a tad on the chilly side, but I’ll take it over the heat any day. It was the kind of day when you were in the sun, you were hot, and when you were in the shade, you were cold. Sweatshirt on, pants off, jacket on, gloves off.
Last night at the Kokosing Campgrond, we met some of the nicest people. The couple next to us , Chaz and his wife Jen(?) shared their fire and conversation and even their breakfast with us. They were great neighbors.
Today we covered exactly 56 miles. Again we did a lot of road riding, but the roads were fairly pleasant. Maybe I jus blocked out the scary stuff, but we were on some beautiful country back roads today with only a crosswind to a slight crossing headwind, so it felt like we were flying. It was actually a really good speed for us, fully loaded, at 15mph.
We saw a wedding in Centerburg. We dinged our bells and they loved it. It was a biker wedding and they all passed us on their Harley’s at the outskirts of town, waving to us.
Oh, I took a nap in Centerburg, too. That really set me up for the second half of the day.
We are now at the Four Points Sherton at Polaris.
Oh yeah… News flash! Here’s the link to the Massilon Independant newspaper article. Maybe somebody can download it and archive it for us?
Scroll down to see the picture of us.

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