Day 5 pm at Kokosing Valley Campground, I got a blanket

The nicest people in the world are in this great campground. No need to build a fire as everyone invited us to their fire.
I met Lynne, a super lady, she just brought us a thick fluffy wide super blanket so no worries about the cold.

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  1. ohiotoerietrail says:

    Hi Carolyn and Guy,
    Reading your blog each day and living the ride with you in spirit. When do you expect to reach Columbus? Jerry

    • Carolyn says:

      Delighted you are following our progress. We are having a great tour. A dozen or so times we said it so much easier now that we know the route. It is a relief to not struggle with the feeling of being lost or making a wrong turn. Saw many new signs along the way. Happy we wrote the trail guide and am looking forward to the official map. C

  2. says:

    Thanks for posting your journal. Have you ever thought of posting in There are thousands of readers and a journal like yours would be a terrific link to the trail. Your journal is excellent reading and the photos tell a story.

    I hope the weather improves. Why did the cold spell and winds have to hit when you are riding the trail?

    Maybe I will see you when I get to Akron to visit my sister. I ride the trail daily.


    • Carolyn says:

      Hi Marilyn
      Great that you are following us. Keeping up with and the trail guide and pedaling is a day full!
      Be sure to let us know when you are in Ohio and we look forward to pedaling in Florida someday.

      • says:

        We would love to have you visit us in sunny South Florida. There are no trails here but wonderful safe beachside biking with many places to eat.

        I am looking forward to biking back in OH soon.


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