Day 5 lunch at the bridge of dreams

We are in the middle of the back country and have Internet access! Spike from CDPUG turned us on to a little gizmo to get our iPad connected! It works! Thanks Spike!
It’s still brisk and windy but the clouds have given way to blue sky and perfect white fluffy clouds. We got some gardening gloves, bandanas and sweatshirts so we are warm enough. Plenty of beach balls and coolers for sale but very few long sleeves and no knit hats. Wish I had a pair of wool socks.
County road 6 was awesome. We were able to pedal up all the hills but the BIG one. Last year I walked most of them. Mitch at Shaker Cycle helped us get new baby chain rings for climbing and they worked like a dream. It was an awesome feeling to be able to pedal all the way up some monster hills!
Another bonus is no trucks! Route 62 is closed because they are building a bike trail tunnel! Perfect! We were able to safely coast down without the hassle of traffic. We had a very tough time at this spot last year! Yay!
It took us about 3 hours. After lunch and a nap we have a couple more hills to get to Danville, then maybe 8 miles to the campground.

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