Day 4: Millersburg, Zero Day

Wow, am I glad we got here when we did. We weren’t in our room 20 minutes last night when a thunderstorm rolled through. It rained off and on all night and it’s raining right now.
The salt water hot tub and pool here have worked miracles. I feel so much better than I did this morning. Looser and less pain. I think we are going to walk into town for some food and beer when the rain passes.
We also want to thank everyone that has purchased our trail guide so far. We have been overwhelmed by the response! It has put the wind at our backs, even though we have been battling such fierce headwinds. Thank you all!

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2 Responses to Day 4: Millersburg, Zero Day

  1. steve says:

    sunny days are coming . . . .

  2. ostara says:

    That’s great news you guys! I have more…your garden is thriving with this heat and rain! Everything is between 6-10 inches and healthy! I grabbed a big bag of lettuce again that would’ve cost 2-3 bucks so thank for the bonus!
    Cat’s say hi and meow!

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