The Start of the 2013 Tour

Well, it’s about Noon and we are FINALLY ready to hit the trail! We had a few last minute glitches that kept us from leaving on our planned day. Saturday we were all set to leave. We had the trail guide finished and we were testing it and uploading it to the site. One mouse click away and our server took a dump.
I was on the phone for the entire afternoon with tech-help. It was out for hours, so Saturday came and went.
So now it’s Sunday. As good as any day to leave, right?
Our three day old air conditioning unit suffers a catastrophic failure. Had the thermostat set on 70 degrees, but it’s 77 in the house. Now it’s 77.5. Oops, now it’s 78. Dang, now the windows are open again.
Monday now. We finally get the A/C people to call us back and we set up an appointment for this afternoon. Fortunately, our best neighbor will let them in. (thx Linda!). We had to get it fixed as we couldn’t leave our pets and our house sitter up all that time without it.
We’re out of here today. Not sure where we’ll land, but I won’t be missing the barking dogs and the regular neighborhood hub bub.

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