Day 1, Stow Ohio

Made it to Stow. We started by tire dipping in Lake Erie at Edgwater Park. We had a couple of cute young girls in bikinis take our picture :-)

Today was HOT! Upper eighties. We can do a lot, but the heat really slows us down. We took a lot of breaks, sometimes just every few miles. At lunch, we changed out of our riding clothes into shorts and flip flops. We will be doing that again. A lot. It really helped to cool us down. Fortunately, the heat is only supposed to last just one more day.

Tomorrow we will head to Massilon, taking our time, trying to beat the heat again.

My poor brand new jersey. Today I spilled pop on it, Mac and cheese, got bicycle grease on it and dripped purple Popsicle all over it. I’m such a pig!


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5 Responses to Day 1, Stow Ohio

  1. matt0701 says:

    I was so glad to read that I’m not the only one the heat affects while riding. Yesterday, the heat was in the lower 80s when I rode and I felt the need to stop much more often than normal. I also drank two whole water bottles by the time I completed 25 miles.

  2. runnfr says:

    It was great to meet the two of you yesterday at the Alexander Rd trail head. It was a hot one out there that’s for sure.. Ride safe and I hope to see you on the road again soon. I will always carry spare water bottles just in case. LOL

  3. ostara says:

    Darn, I missed bikini clad women on the first day!

  4. ostara says:

    You guys look great in this pic…I can’t wait to see before and after! Enjoy the cooler weather and the tail wind?

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