April 14th Spring Training Ride

Went for a nice little 22 mile training ride this afternoon. We’re getting an earlier start than last year, which is good.

Started the day off with a flat rear tire on my Trek… in my LIVING ROOM!

Ha! I guess that’s way better than on the road. Turns out there was a hole in the inside of the tube. Weird. I guess that’s a “pinch” flat. I don’t know.

Anyway, I patched it and we hit the road. Basically rode down Ridge through Brookside Park, up Memphis to Broadview, down Broadview to West Schaaf (an excellent biking road) then down into the Cuyahoga Valley along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath and headed north. From there we exited the trail at the Harvard Road Trail Head, up through Tremont, then back out Lorain Avenue to home.


It was neat to be on the trail at this time of year. You could see way through the trees. The temperature was perfect- right around 50 degrees. I’m glad we went. I can tell what needs work: The palms of my hands and my wrists got pretty sore, and so did the bottoms of my feet.

I don’t care- it’s just so great to be out riding again!

april 14, 2013

April 14, 2013 on the Towpath Trail!

Added by Carolyn: We have always been less than diligent at keeping a daily bike ride journal. Should we put it on this website?

We rode on January 12, 2013 , in the Rocky River Reservation of the Cleveland Metroparks and totaled 16 miles but we felt like that was part of the 2012 season.

On March 30th we arrived an hour late for our nieces birthday party so we could squeeze in a ride. We went up and down the neighborhood streets like ten year olds. We rode 5 miles but were never more than a mile from our front door.

On April 4th we rode to downtown Cleveland and went back and forth, to and fro, and up and down and in and out of the flats getting the information for the Cleveland bridge update. 14 miles total

On April 9th we rode over to check on the condition of the Treadway Creek Trail and it still abandoned. We came back west via Tremont to Lorain Avenue. 14 miles total.

Season total as of 4/14/13 is 54 miles.

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