Andy has boots, no bike

A few weeks ago Guy and I got a call from Andy asking us for information on the Ohio to Erie Trail. He was keenly interested in information on route finding and mileage as he was planning to hike the Ohio to Erie Trail. That’s right, I said hike, not bike.

Here is Andy, AKA Captain Blue, on day 1 of his 300 + hike on the Ohio to Erie Trail.

Andy left yesterday from Yeatman’s Cove in Cincinnati and plans to walk the 300+ miles to arrive in Cleveland in 3 weeks. He is headed to the Buckeye Trail Fest which is in Kirtland, Ohio on April 25-28.
Last year Andy hiked the entire Buckeye Trail, which is a 1,444 miles loop around the state of Ohio.

The Buckeye Trail is for hikers, not bikers.

Much of the Buckeye Trail and the Ohio to Erie Trail are contiguous in the the north along the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail and the Little Miami Scenic Trail in southern Ohio. You may have seen the blazes. The Buckeye Trail is marked by light blue rectangles painted on trees.

The Buckeye Trail is marked with blue blazes. Pictured here is a double blaze indicating a right turn.

It was fun getting to know Andy and considering the cross-state route on foot. Guy and I were once avid backpackers but traded in our packs for panniers a few years back. We have experience backpacking in many different places so we can relate to Andy’s pace and gear.
He was likely feeling pretty chipper as it was the first really nice warm day since winter.
It was in the mid 50s in Cleveland so it was likely in the 60s in Cincinnati.
Guy and I went out for a crazy twisty zigging and zagging bike ride around downtown Cleveland and back and forth across the Cuyahoga River checking the condition of the bridge construction, or not. Details and photos soon…

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