Biking and typos

Who could have guessed that riding a bike could lead to problems with typographical errors.
Jody, an igotabike subscriber, pointed out that the word Olentangy was misspelled on our website.
The maps for the route through Columbus that follow the Olentangy Trail have been wildly popular and have been viewed by hundreds of people. If you are one those folks please be advised that the correct spelling is Olentangy (not Olantangy).
This was a pretty painful goof as the error appeared on the maps, on the photos, in the captions, in the descriptions, in other posts and more. It could have been worse. According to wikipedia the river should have been named keenhongsheconsepung.
Thanks Jody for making the effort to help us get it right.
Guy and I are always interested in local information, updates, tips, corrections, suggestions.

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  1. jodybikes says:

    Aww shucks – now I made it on the blog. Big smile!

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