Are You Ready for a Smart Bike?

Just when you thought that the bicycle had reached the pinnacle of man-made, self=propelled machinery, it’s time to computer control it. Just add your smart phone with this app and it will shift gears for you.

Smart Bike App

In a few ways, it could be kind of cool, like automatically keeping you at a specific cadence or down shifting automatically for you when you come to a sudden stop.

Really though, one of the reasons I ride is to get away from my dang computer, so I think I’ll just stick with my old fashion machine age simplicity, thanks!

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One Response to Are You Ready for a Smart Bike?

  1. 2manyhills says:

    I’d like a Smart Bike Lock App to remember my combination when I’ve had too many beers after too many hills! Many a time my bike’s been locked up to a variety of fences for a number of days because of that! It is what it is. I am what I am. And I’ll drink to that when they make one, Guy!

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