New Bicycle Helmet Technologies

Here are some cool new technologies for bicycle helmets. One works with your smart phone to automatically call for help if you are in a serious crash. It will also give your location. This could be very cool for those of us that ride alone a lot, especially in the middle of nowhere or on a tour. It’s called the ICEdot sensor and attaches unobtrusively to your helmet.

Won’t help me, I have a dumb phone 😉

Here’s the link:


The other new helmet product is kind of out there, but it’s kinda neat to see it in operation. It’s the Hovding Invisible Bike Helmet. It’s like an airbag for your head, so you can ride without a “helmet.”

Like I said, kinda whacky, but, well, it is Swedish…

Go watch the dramatic slow motion videos for yourself here:

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