Bicycle Registration Services

Here’s some cool info I found in my daily internet ramblings today. These are a few online bicycle registration services. Most of them are free or really cheap. A few of them include stickers to help identify your bike should it ever get stolen. Most of them work by registering your bike’s serial number.
The serial number for your bike is probably located underneath the bottom bracket. That’s the part of the frame where the pedal crank arms attach to the bike. If it’s not there, try looking on the chain stays, the seat tube or even the head tube. It seems pretty common, though, that most manufacturers use the bottom bracket location. It’s also a good idea to keep a copy of your serial number with all of your other important papers, numbers, passwords, etc. If you bought your bike new, it’s probably on the receipt.
These sites aren’t guarantees, but they might help!

1. the National Bike Registry– cost money, includes sticker

2. Bike– free. stickers are an additional 99 cents. can also include a photo registartion

3. the Stolen Bicycle Registry– free. only for searching for your bike after it is stolen. one man on a mission

4. Bike Shepard– looks to be free. works in conjunction with Kryptonite bike locks QR barcode

Remember, always keep one of three things on your bike; your lock, your eyes or your butt!

As always, if anybody out there has anything more to add or correct, email us! I suppose insurance is a possibility too, but I haven’t looked into that yet…

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