DIY Bicycle Rack Pads

Ever put your bike on your bike rack and it got scratched? How about putting two bikes on your rack and trying to keep them secure without rubbing against each other?
My solution was to make some custom DIY rack pads out of scrap carpet pieces and some velcro strips. I first decided where the padding was needed. That helped determine the general size and shape. The piece in the picture was designed to go between two bikes, attached to the seat stay to keep them from rubbing. The carpet piece is folded over on itself to make it double sided and is hot glued together. Before I glued it, I cut the slits and threaded the velcro strips through that secure the pad to the bike’s frame.
Remember, you’ll probably want to make them a little over-sized to take into account some shifting, slipping or adjustment.

DIY Bike rack pad

DIY bike rack pad

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