Day Four for Jim and he is on a roll

On day four Jim rode his bicycle from Sunbury, north of Columbus, to London, on the south side of Columbus. Nice peddling Jim! This means he successfully navigated Westerville and Alum Creek, Schrock Road, The Olentangy Trail, The Scioto River Trail, the 8 long miles on Broad Street / RT 40, Galloway Road, The Camp Chase Trail, and Roberts Pass all in one day. (insert whistling sound here)

Jim spent the night at the fabulous Alexandra’s Bed and Breakfast. This is good because we hope is enjoying breakfast on the giant back porch and watching it rain, rain, rain. Urgh. Looks like it won’t clear out until this afternoon and Jim has some peddling to do to make it to Cincinnati today. Its all paved bike trail but rain riding is not the greatest. Maybe the rain will wash all the road grime of his Trek 520. Go Jim go!

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