Bob, Randell and Kate riding the Ohio to Erie Trail this weekend

We got and an e-mail from Bob last night and he clued us in on his friends. He says,

“Bob and friends consist of me. My friend Randell and his wife Kate. Kate is hanging tough with the boys.”

So sorry Kate! I don’t know how I missed that and said the 3 friends were 3 men! The three friends ran into some bad weather in Holmes County late yesterday and had to adjust their plan. They promise a good story and some pictures. The original plan was to arrive in Cleveland today, Sunday. They left from Cincinnati on Friday.

The weather is humid but cloudy in Cleveland. It rained overnight so they may find some muddy spots on the Sippo Vally Trail and the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Sometimes the towpath becomes easier to navigate after some rain because it is not so dusty. It all depends on how much rain!

Looking forward to hearing that they did it! Go Bob, Go Randall, Go Kate, Go!

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