Bob And Friends riding the Ohio to Erie Trail this Weekend

A couple of days ago Guy and I got an e-mail from Bob who was seeking advice on navigating the Ohio to Erie Trail. They were running out of time so it was great giving them the help they needed. They have selected a fast pace and there is no time for getting lost. Bob and his two friends are riding the Ohio to Erie Trail in three days from Cincinnati to Cleveland. That’s more than twice as fast as our pace when we rode the Ohio to Erie Trail in May 2012. They are young men and they are riding fast road bikes with little gear. They are carrying water, some snacks, spare tubes, a few bike tools and cell phones. Bob’s wife is providing SAG. They left Cincinnati yesterday morning and arrived in London last night and stayed at Alexandra’s Bed and Breakfast. I heard from them around 12:30 today and they were already in Westerville, north of Columbus. They are aiming for Millersburg today and plan on being in Cleveland tomorrow. Go Bob Go!

EDIT Bob’s friends are a man and woman! We were so busy discussing the route I didn’t get that detail!  oops! see next post

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    Maybe they will post their comments on the trail after riding it. Good luck men.

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