Cleveland Bridge Construction Workaround and Tire Dipping Directions and Map

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2014: The bicycle tunnel at West 65th is closed. Northbound: Stay on Detroit to Lake Ave, (Burger King) turn right at end of Burger King parking onto West 76, just past second stop sign is new bike tunnel to Edgewater Park. Southbound: the new tunnel is near the concession stand at the beach, on the other side, continue forward on West 76, turn left on Detroit Avenue.

These directions are the work-arounds due to the major I-90 bridge construction over the next couple of years. During that time, many of the regular road routes will be closing and opening or redirected. While it’s not the most scenic way, Carol and I believe this work-around route will not be disturbed by the construction (we live here in Cleveland). Please note that the area around W 25th and Clark Avenue is quite… urban. It’s mostly businesses, though.
Important note to Dippers: There is no actual access to Lake Erie in downtown Cleveland. The entire downtown waterfront is on piers, many feet above the waves. The nearest access is just a few miles to the west at Edgewater Park. Follow the directions below.

Cleveland Bridge Construction Workaround and Tire Dipping Directions and Map. NOTE: The Abbey Avenue construction completed. Abbey Bridge is now open in both directions.

(detoured in 2014 see above)

Cleveland, South to North for the Tire Dippers

Traveling north on W 14th from Steelyard Commons
Proceed north on W 14th approximately 1/4 mile
Turn left (west) onto Clark Avenue
Proceed west on Clark approximately 1/4 mile
Turn right onto W 25th  (the area around W 25th and Clark is a little rough)
Proceed north on W 25th for approximately 1.5 miles
For Lake Erie access, proceed west on Detroit in the following manner:
There is no left turn from W 25th onto Detroit heading west, instead-
Turn left (west) onto Franklin Boulevard
Proceed west on Franklin Boulevard approximately 1000 feet to W 29th
Turn right (north) onto W 29th
Follow W 29th 2 blocks north to Detroit
Turn left (west) onto Detroit
(detoured in 2014 see above) Proceed approximately 1 mile west on Detroit to W 65th Street
At W 65th turn right (north)
Proceed north on W 65th approximately 1/4
W 65th dead ends at Fr. Caruso Drive. A bike north path begins here, taking you under the railroad tracks
Proceed on the path through the tunnel and down the hill on the other side
You are entering Edgewater Park
Proceed on the path under the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
Follow the path to the left (west) to reach the public beach
Turn right (east) onto Whiskey Island Road along side the marina to reach the public boat launch (no sand) approximately 1/4 on left (north)
For access to downtown:
At Detroit Avenue turn right (east) to go downtown. There are marked bike lanes over the bridge or you can ride on the north side of the bridge on a wide sidewalk.
(There is another opportunity to access downtown approximately 1/2 mile to the south of Detroit using the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge on Lorain Road. The West Side Market is a landmark at the corner of W 25th and Lorain)

Cleveland, North to South for the Tire Dippers

UPDATE APRIL 2013 see bridge construction update here. The Abbey Avenue bridge construction is completed. The bridge is open in both directions. However, the route below that uses Clark Avenue remains relevant in the event that I 90 bridge construction blocks the route.

Start at the public boat launch (on Whiskey Island Road next to the marina) or the public beach at Edgewater Park
(detoured in 2014 see above) Head south on the bike path under the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway
Proceed up the hill and through the tunnel under the railroad tracks
The path ends at W 65th St and Fr. Caruso Drive
Proceed south on W 65th approximately 1/4 mile
At Detroit Avenue, turn left (east)
Proceed east on Detroit approximately 1 mile
At W 25th turn right (south)
Proceed south on W 25th approximately 1.5 miles
Turn left (east) on Clark Avenue. (The area around W 25th and Clark is a little rough)
Proceed east on Clark approximately 1/4 mile
Turn right (south) on W 14th.
Continue following original route map and description

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