Ashtabula Trumball Bicycle Overnight Trip Follow Up

So the weather forecast was for a 95% chance of rain. Camping and riding in the rain is not always the most pleasant experience (we’ve done more than our share in the past), so we decided just to come home and call our trip a nice overnighter.

riding in the rain

Carolyn Kay, the I Got A Bike Girl, actually enjoying a ride in the rain along the Western Reserve Greenway.

Turns out it was a good thing we did because an entire row of our tomato plants at home had completely toppled over, taking the staking armature with it. In the Fall, we put them up in canning jars. We have about 70 plants and should get between 300 and 400 pounds.
Excuse the digression.
Anyway, it did indeed storm pretty hard, and it looks as though it will be raining most of today, so I’m glad we came back. Besides, our stove died, so that meant cold dinners and no coffee at breakfast. In the rain.
The Ashatbula Western Reserve Greenway Trail (WRG) is awesome! Flat, smooth, straight and in great shape.

western reserve greenway

The Western Reserve Greenway is flat and smooth. It looked like this for forty miles!

We rode from Austinburg, just south of Ashtabula, south to Mosquito lake state park, a distance of roughly 40 miles. The town of Orwell is at the halfway point and is a great stop for lunch. We posted this as an overnighter in our Trail Maps section, HERE, with a better description of the trail and where to stay. It’s a really fun and scenic ride and is good for the intermediate rider, with just a short four mile section on a two lane state route where traffic can be challenging.

wrg scenery

Some of the wonderful scenery along the Western Reserve Greenway

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