Back in Orwell again

Made it to Mosquito Lake last night. Got a tenant site with electric for $24. There is a small convenient store right across the road from the park entrance and they carry Great Lakes beer. Nice!
Anyway, we got set up ASAP because we were worried about getting rained on. Took a shower, they were ok. Tried to make dinner but our old Coleman stove finally gave out and was leaking badly, so we each had a can of tuna fish in the dark.
In the morning we could hear thunder rolling in. It was a big storm, but it just missed us. We packed or gear quickly and hit the road. It started raining on us on rt. 305. We stopped in a new trail shelter and waited for it to stop, then hit the trail again. It started raining again in a few miles, so we put on our ponchos. They worked great!
We are now eating lunch at the A&W again!

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  1. stingrays says:

    Hope there are not too many Mosquitos …. A&W Rootbeer …. or for Guido …. just beer. Should be perfect cooler weather coming up for riding. see you when you get back.

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