Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump with Gauge Review

Topeak Road Morph G Mini Pump with Gauge

Price Paid: Don’t remember.
 Currently $29.99 at Nashbar
Grade: A

We’ve had this pump for years, and right off I got to say, it’s been a stout performer. We’ve taken it with us on several tours and it lives daily on the bottom side of the downtube of my Trek 520. (click on any picture for a full size view)

Topeak Road Morph G mounted to the downtube of my Trek 520

It came with a really nice and simple bracket that mounts to any standard water bottle cage braze-ons.
The pump sort of snaps into place and is then secured with a velcro strap that threads over the pump, through an eyelet, then back onto itself, creating a tight lock on the pump. In 1000 miles so far this season it has never came loose- not even a little bit. A+ on the bracket.

Topeak Road Morph G

Topeak Road Morph G ready for action!

The pump itself is super cool. The handle folds down and twist-locks into the pump body for storage. There is also a little foot tab that folds out on the bottom so you can hold it steady while pumping, like a conventional floor pump.  The best things about this pump are first, the hose. In years past I had a Zefal frame pump, the kind without a hose. It was always so ridiculously difficult to pump up a tire while at the same time trying not to rip the stem off the tube. It really was awful. The answer was so simple; just add a short hose! The hose on the Topeak extends a bit, making it relatively easy to fill a tire on the road. The other really cool thing that they added is a pressure gauge!
Topeak Morph Road G pump pressure gauge

Topeak Morph Road G pump pressure gauge.

Those two things really help to put this piece of gear over the top.
 In use the pump is fast and efficient. Take it out of it’s bracket, extend the hose, lock it to the stem, fold down the foot tab, twist the handle to unlock it and start pumping.
The only things that are slight drawbacks, are
1. it is sometimes difficult to remove the nozzle from the stem, it’s such a tight fit. It seems that it is getting a little easier with time, and it’s not the only pump that I’ve ever had that experience with.

2. The gauge is a little small, making it hard for me to read (impossible without my reading glasses). It used to be OK, but the older I get, the harder it gets. It would be cool if they came out with a large font style gauge for us older guys! 😉
All in all, it’s a good piece. Easily one of our best purchases.

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