My Trek 520: From Touring to Commuting

We got our bikes all cleaned up from the tour the other day. Riding the towpath sure is fun, but man, it makes a mess of your bike! Got the drivetrain really clean and lightly lubed. I’m just snapping’ through the gears now :)
I start my new summer job this week and I am riding to and from. I have a locker and a shower there. Last year, there was NO hot water in the shower! The water was so cold, it sucked the air out of my lungs! I hope it’s better this year. Anyway, it’s a nice relaxing way to start the day with a little ride before work. It’s just an 11 mile round trip. I am using my Axiom Seymour rear Panniers. Last year I used them both, but I think I can get away with using just one this year. I also need to remember to put my Brooks saddle back on! Commuting everyday like this will be a great way to break it in!
Oh, btw; my job is really cool… I get to teach high school kids how to write and record music in a recording studio.

Check the blog menu. There is a new PRESS tab. On it you will find a new story on our ride that was just published in the Holmes County Hub, written by Kelley Mohr. She interviewed us while we ate dinner at the Hotel Millersburg. I think that was on our third day? And don’t to read forget the great article about us In Cincinnati’s City Beat!

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