Lodging in Millersburg

In Millersburg, along The Holmes County Trail, you have basically two choices for accommodations. We stayed at both.
The first, most obvious choice, is the historic Hotel Millersburg right in the center of downtown. Rooms are in the $120 per night range. The hotel is beautiful and is brimming with antiques. Our room had an antique bed, nightstands, lamps, chairs and armoire. Our room, as well as all the hallway walls were covered in vintage photos, paintings and prints. It really was remarkable. If you are visiting Millersburg to go antiquing, this is the place to stay. Because of all of the antiques, however, we were not allowed to bring our bikes to our room. It’s understandable, but you need to know this ahead of time. They let us lock them up outside in the courtyard by day and at night they were locked up in the banquet room. I’m not sure if this is always their standard procedure, so call ahead if you are planning to stay here.
Other important notes about the Hotel Millersburg:
Free Wi Fi
No pool
No laundry
No breakfast
No bikes in rooms
No fridge or microwave
There is a tavern and restaurant.

The other choice of lodging is the Comfort Inn, less than a mile away and right off the trail. It’s right by the WalMart but on the other side of the road. Look for the Glen Drive Business District sign along the trail, between the WalMart to the south and the Millersburg Station trail head to the north. Follow the path up to the road and the hotel is on the other side, through the traffic light. The light may not respond to your bicycle.
Rooms are in the $120 range and are equipped with a fridge and a microwave. The hotel is exceptionally clean. Our bikes were allowed in our room. A cool feature of this hotel is its salt water pool and jacuzzi! We usually steer clear of the indoor hotel pool/jacuzzi scene, but this was too awesome to pass up. It really soothed our sore and tired muscles. Great feature.
Other items to note:
Free Wi Fi
Laundry room (also, a laundromat next door)
Free breakfast (real eggs and sausage)
Close to trail, WalMart, fast food (BK, Subway, more)

Other things to note about Millersburg:
– It seems most of the pizza joints close fairly early, even on weekends.
– We had breakfast at a great coffee shop, Jitters, across from WalMart. Free wifi, really good food.
– Liquor and good beer can be had at Millersburg Ice. It’s right on the edge of downtown, overlooking the trail.

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