Millersburg Again!

Made it to Millersburg! The ride was worse in our minds than in reality. It was still really tough, though. We stopped as much as we could and ate at every opportunity. And plenty of ice cream. I must have eaten six times today, had at least one ice cream cone and two milkshakes!
We’ve eaten our fair hare of cheeseburgers too! This was a small ice cream and burger shack, The Killbuck Sweet Shop and Diner at the end of the Holmes County Trail in Killbuck.


Riding the road on SR62 was tough because of the hills and the heat. And it got a tad scary when the semis would pass you at 60mph. It really moves the bike around a lot! I wanted to make a movie of it, but I decided that riding one-handed while doing 30mph and getting passed by a semi doing 60 was a bit risky. Maybe If I could mount the camera to my handlebars…

Anyway, we’re here. I’m gonna take a shower and try to post some pictures later. We want to check out the pool while it’s still open. It’s a salt water pool! Comfort Inn, Millersburg.

42 miles on the day, 675 total so far…

RT62 below

One of the other scary things about this hi way are the ruts from the Amish buggy wheels. They are about an inch deep and just about as wide as our bike.

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