The Further Adventures of Wednesday, June 6th.

Jamis came through and Carol got her bike fully styled out by Dave at Baer Wheels. Carol noted that the new rear wheel seemed to add some stiffness to the drive train… Like her pedaling was more efficient. A very good thing to be sure. He also tweaked her brakes, no more hideous squealing that made little children hide behind the skirts of their mothers and grown men visibly quake.
Well, it gave me the shivers!
I also got a new stem for my bike while we were there. A little shorter and a little taller (like I talked about with Phil in Xenia). It’s way better now. I adjusted my saddle the day after I spoke with Phil, and now I think I need to move it a little again.
After we got back on the road, it was our mission to find Carolyn some new cycling shoes. Her Bontragers that she bought just before we left were already wasted and were just two weeks old. We pedaled to the Columbus Trek store where she found another style of Bontragers. Trek superstar Matt spent a long time helping her select the right shoe AND he totally made the situation right with the old shoes.
Look for a shoe review soon from Carol.
Here’s the new ones

After that we had lunch.
We’re still tired. It was a long day yesterday, with a lot of harrowing road riding. Today we are aiming for Danville…

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