Wolf Creek Recreation Trail (#38)

The Wolf Creek Recreation Trail is split in two. The west end is great, the east end is abysmal. We first used this trail back in 2007 on one of our first bike tours. It was bad then and it is worse now. We said we would never ride that way again but since we were feeling tough and really wanted to get to the Tall Timbers KOA we gave it a try. We do NOT recommend this route. When you are inside the levies in Dayton it is bit tricky to find the trail head as you need to first cross the Great Miami River then cross the Wolf Creek to find a marker for trail 38. There is about a mile of paved trail before you are dumped into a dicey neighborhood where the bike route signs entice you to go the wrong way. The correct route is to turn right to get to the trail that follows Mcgee (?) parkway. The trail surface is littered with glass and there are deep cracks full of knee to thigh high weeds. The road was recently paved but the traffic was heavy, fast and aggressive. Even using the sidewalk a motorist nearly picked off Guy when he turned right in front of him. The “trail” ends and you need to ride on Wolf Creek Parkway for a few miles which is twisty and narrow, again with angry and aggressive motorists. Finally you arrive in Trotwood where there is a trail head rest area but the bathrooms were locked and the water fountain was not functioning.
From this point west the trail is perfectly smooth and maintained. It makes a great route to get around the area and it is a nice ride up to Verona.
We recommend using the Great Miami River Recreation Trail (#25) north out of Dayton then use the back roads that parallel US route 40 through Englewood to get to Brookville. We will use this route when we leave so I will add more details after we ride it.
– Carolyn
EDIT: As promised, here is the Route that we use through Englewood, with map!

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