Little Miami Scenic Trail (#1/3)

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is truly scenic with beautiful views of the river and is lined with wildflowers. Almost the entire length is under a canopy of trees providing deep shade and a windbreak. There are many small towns and rest stops along the way. On the southern end close to Cincinnati there are several road crossings that are extremely dangerous and require a full stop and lots of caution.
The trail is paved but is showing its age. There are lots of crack in the surface that make for a pretty bumpy ride–especially between Loveland and Milford. The cracks and holes have been marked with paint making them easier to see but I did a lots of standing through this section.
We do not remember this being a problem when we rode the trail last year and we suspect that the trail may have been damaged by all of the heavy rain last spring and summer.
Hopefully there are plans for repairs as this section is heavily used by packs of suburban moms and men on fast road bikes.
– Carolyn

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  1. FHLudlow says:

    We used to ride and rollerblade on that all the time! Memories of being in shape!

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