Cincinnati catch up

OK, here are some pics of our last days travels from Waynesville at routes 42 and 73, on the way to Cincy.
Below is the Corwin Peddler, friends of Mike at the London Peddler. We promised to stop by and say hello, but it wasn’t open yet when we rolled through town.

Here’s some more train memorabilia…

For lunch we ate in Loveland at Paxton’s Grill. While we were there, City Beat reporter Steve Novotni interviewed us about our work with the trail. After the interview he had us ride up and down the trail outside about ten times while he snapped some “action” shots. We felt pretty silly, but it was fun.
Not sure when the article comes out.
At around Indian hill, we were again overheating, when we found Tranter’s Tasty Treats and got some Heaven sent ice cream. Look for them. They are just a block East off the trail at the Lincoln Rd. crossing (513-965-9000).

When we finally arrived in Cincy, Janet met us at the pool…

Our actual mileage was 359. Your mileage may vary:-)


Stay tuned!,,
We still have two more weeks riding left! Who knows where that will lead us…?!

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  1. FHLudlow says:

    You guys rock!! Freakin’ awesome. Get me a pretzel at the Barrel House if it’s still there will ya?

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