Broken Spoke

Cool! We just rode down to Oakley Cycles on Observatory Rd. in Hyde Park Cincinnati. It was only a mile from Carol’s sister Janet’s condo. One of the coolest bike stores I’ve ever been in. Very high end. Had a fitting room that looked more like a doctor’s office. David had Carol’s bike fixed in under 20 minutes.

I guess we’ll see if Jamis warranties it.
At least it didn’t happen in the middle of no where on some un-named Amish back road.
While we we there, Carol was eyeing up a new pair of bike shoes, but they were half a size too small.

The bike shoes she bought for the trip were nice, but they are already starting to give it up. We think they were actually made for spinning class, and so they aren’t quite able to keep up with the rigors of hard daily riding. It’s weird, they are becoming more flexible as time goes on. Getting more tennis shoe like.

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